If you are anything like the many Winnipegers I have boughten houses from in the past, you probably have questions. Let me get to the more common ones I get asked:

Why do you want to buy my house?

I am an independent local real estate investor here in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I buy all types of houses for all kinds of different reasons. Some houses I buy to demolish and build new, some houses I buy to renovate and re-sell, and some houses I end up keeping as rentals.

Do I have to make repairs to my home?

No! I buy houses “As is”. No repairs needed saving you money. I will give you a fair offer usually within 24 to 48 hours. Even if its vacant, tenant occupied, ugly, pretty, or in foreclosure, it doesn’t matter!

How are you different from listing with a real estate agent?

Simply this: Real estate agents “list” properties. I buy houses. Real estate agents charge you commission to sell your property with no guarantee that they can sell your home. They cant even guarantee how much your property will sell for. In addition to that, the average sale takes months.

Who pays all of the costs, legal fees and such?

I do. With my program there are ZERO costs. NO repair costs, NO commissions, NO legal fees.

What if the next house I want to buy takes longer than expected?

Since I am buying your home as an investment you can stay in your home as long as you need to. With my program, you have freedom and peace of mind knowing your home is SOLD and the freedom to take as long as you need to move. Its a “Win-Win”.

Do you pay what my home is worth?

Remember there are ZERO real estate agent commissions, repair costs, holding costs, or stress about the sale of your home. I am a local, independent professional real estate buyer who is dedicated to making you a fast cash offer that will be beneficial for both of us. I am committed to providing you the fastest possible stress-free sell.

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